Form playing   Observation   Colour Study

Relief - playing with the setting moments of plaster   Tissue > Textile   Sketch of, woven textile


Inspired by Josef Albers       Tiling with Scrap

Interaction of Colour in Practice       Pattern in 3D, Interacting with Light & Shadow, Exterior cladding ideas


Colour & Pattern   Forming & Colour   Forming

Exploring depth with colors and overlaying pattern screens   Combining shapes   Object reproduction in paper

Found: Grid & Proportion   Study of Refinement & Pattern
    Combining shapes


Paper Model (Making study)   Exaggerating Forms, Mass vs Void
Objects from Past Events   From the Left original objects vary into 4 versions respectively

Colour (study image)   Forming
Colour in a Colour in a Colour    


Narrative / Texture    



Fragments   Composition Study









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