From This to These - Progressive Copying, 2011


An object communicates to us through its shape, surface and function - with these tangible characters, a cultural bagage is formed telling the context this object lives in.

When an object is shown without a context, the lack of information leaves us room for imagination - "What could it be?"; or we could also say, it is irrelevant of what its reality is.

An encounter of an artefact (a Buddhist drum body from Japan, Nara Period AD.750) from a Japanese book has taken me on a quest of reinterpretations, questions arise of its shape, scale, volume, details...etc, morphological associations threading through found images/made models, which gives guide to the birth of a series of objects "Picnic Set", photographs of the "Picnic scene", and a book titled "One Shape, Endless Ideas" documenting how the result has been imagined and making sense.

In such way, making copies with juxtaposing logical and imaginative interpretations would become progressive, each copy is born through an imaginative morphological process, a copy is no longer a copy.


> Object
> Photograph
> Making of