Learn from Pak, 2010

Pak Sheung Chuen, a Hong Kong conceptual artist based locally. As a design student I was very often inspired by personal belief, ideal, and the life practice born from that idea.

Most of my projects didn't really lead to objects with functional aspect as the lead. I was rather, trying to trigger points of view, wonders, through narratives.

In the book titled,«單身看II 與視覺無關的旅行Odd One In Ⅱ - Invisible Travel», I've found many inspiring ideas helping me develop my work, those ideas also led to some search of works of many great others.

The visuals shown here are extracts of the book, "Learn From Pak", including an email interview I made with Pak, and some ideas from Pak's Book "Odd One in II", and other artists' works that have helped shape my thoughts.